Social distancing and the church

Calculate the stats and Imagine the impact on your church If 70% of your church get Covid-19 and 8% or 70-79 years and 14.8% of 80 year olds die?

Friends that run churches, recording services and worship times together, encouraging acts of kindness in the community. Please read this article and some of my thoughts.

According to this paper “Fear not, Sneer” by Mirjam Schilling, Joel Gamble and Nathan Gamble

1. We’re infectious before we know it
“COVID-19 has an incubation period of about 5 days (though up to 14 days). That means that we are unavoidably a week behind in knowing how many people currently are infected, who will soon become sick and contagious. So there will always be a delay between the decision to take action and the situation actually improving.”

2. Between 50-70% of us will get it
“Without interventions, SARS-CoV-2 will keep spreading until about 70 percent of the population has been infected, at which point “herd immunity” begins protecting the other 30 percent. If everyone adheres to public health advice (wash your hands, self-isolate if you’re sick, avoid unnecessary travel and so on), it is possible that less than 50 percent will get infected. Even so, we must prepare ourselves and our communities for the possibility that 70 percent of us will eventually become”

3. The fatality rate is worse for those who are older
“In one study the fatality rate for COVID-19 was shown to be 8.0 percent in those 70 to 79 years and 14.8 percent in those aged 80 years and older”

Friends that run churches and are still planning services in team we need to model this. As teams come together to record services or encourage kindness in the community. We need to ask if we really need to record services together anymore. We need to do this in love by keeping 2m apart at all times, sneezing into our arms, washing our hands, self isolating if ill.

Please take extra care and question whether you really need to meet as a team to deliver your service. Please take extra care when showing acts of kindness, remember Covid-19 can live on surfaces and a single cough can produce 3000 droplets, so offer contact free, sneeze free delivery. Please be a carrier of Good News not of Covid-19.

Lets learn from the younger generation and start growing our community online. I think we could have even deeper and better fellowship through this time.

#Zoommynewbestfriend #strongertogether #flattenthecurve #carriersofgoodnewsnotCovid19

Published by Nay Dawson

Nay works with IFES Europe as their Regional Training Co-ordinator, training staff and students across Europe. She works on the European Regional leadership team for the charity. She was the Revive Extra Plenary Director for one of largest Student Conferences in Europe. Nay is the founder of Passion for Evangelism. PfE is a network of creative, public female speakers. Helping hundereds of women grow in confidence in public communication. Nay set up an initiative called Community in a crisis. CIAC has been helping churches and charities across Europe get online during the pandemic.

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