Sharing videos during your event on Zoom

Guest blog post by Beth Butler.

Beth works for Crosslands and also studies with them. She lives in Newcastle and loves sharing Jesus with international students and the opportunities that brings. 

Sometimes at your event you want to play a short video as part of the service or you want to share a document. Well this is all possible to do with Zoom so you don’t have to stop just because church is being done virtually.

At the bottom of your zoom screen you should be able to see this bar:

Click the ‘Share’ button in the middle of the bar.

This screen should then appear:

Any screens that you have up you can now share. If for example you just want to share a document or powerpoint then select the right screen and just click ‘Share’.

Then everyone on the call will be able to see the document.

If you ware wanting to share a short video then it is the same process but make sure that you select the option ‘Share computer sound’ and ‘Optimize for full-screen video clip’.  In the bottom left hand corner. Then click ‘Share’.

This means that instead of the sound coming out of your computer speakers and then back through your microphone which will muffle the sound. The sound instead is going straight from your computer to everyone else’s computer. This means everyone can hear the clip well.

Another feature that you will notice when you click on the ‘Share’ button is the Whiteboard.

This is another useful feature which helps with making bible studies etc. more interactive.

This is the whiteboard shared:

Published by Nay Dawson

Nay works with IFES Europe as their Regional Training Co-ordinator, training staff and students across Europe. She works on the European Regional leadership team for the charity. She was the Revive Extra Plenary Director for one of largest Student Conferences in Europe. Nay is the founder of Passion for Evangelism. PfE is a network of creative, public female speakers. Helping hundereds of women grow in confidence in public communication. Nay set up an initiative called Community in a crisis. CIAC has been helping churches and charities across Europe get online during the pandemic.

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