Easter in light of lives cut short

We as a nation are grieving and mourning for what has happened in our world and to those we love. The Guardian reported yesterday on a special report of the lives that have been cut short. It was harrowing to read about Aimee O’Rourke a 38 year old, with three girls. It could have beenContinue reading “Easter in light of lives cut short”

What about when I’m weak?

Our guest blog post today comes from Susie Ford. Hello!  I’m Susie, nice to meet you.  I live in Scotland, near Dundee which is a small city on the East coast, and I spend almost all of my time with people.  So, life at the moment is very different…  We are living through strange times,Continue reading “What about when I’m weak?”

Speaking into the void

Are you preaching, singing , or speaking into a camera this weekend? How do you feel before you press the record button, how do you keep going during those long minutes before you stop? And most importantly how do you feel afterwards? During recent online meetings, I’ve heard these questions countless times. Is anyone there?Continue reading “Speaking into the void”

Creating and running an online conference through Zoom

Before COVID-19 I had never run an online conference and barely been to one before. A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have imagined doing anything like this. But I guess most of us are saying something similar. The last few weeks have deeply moved me and affected me. There are so many opportunities to continueContinue reading “Creating and running an online conference through Zoom”

Communicating hope in the Coronavirus

So in this mess we’re in, it seems that God is at work afresh. Its no surprise really that he can turn self isolation on its head. Jesus in his life chose self- isolation, rejection and death in exchange that we might enjoy community, acceptance and life. So lets now think about how we communicateContinue reading “Communicating hope in the Coronavirus”

Offering hope in a time of crisis

This post was written in April 2020, but it seems as important now as it did then. Enjoy… For extroverts lockdown is a testing time. I’m a 98% extrovert I love people and I love community. I am really grateful for technology and how it is being used to build genuine community during lockdown. IContinue reading “Offering hope in a time of crisis”

Sharing videos during your event on Zoom

Guest blog post Sometimes at your event you want to play a short video as part of the service or you want to share a document. Well this is all possible to do with Zoom so you don’t have to stop just because church is being done virtually. At the bottom of your zoom screenContinue reading “Sharing videos during your event on Zoom”

Zoom bombing – protecting your events from hackers

Today we have a guest blog Here are a few top tip to make sure that you are not ‘Zoomed bombed’. This is when hackers join in your meetings. There are a few helpful tips just to keep you all safe. On the Zoom webpage go to settings: Under ‘In Meeting (Basic) these are someContinue reading “Zoom bombing – protecting your events from hackers”

How to use Zoom Breakout rooms in your event

Today we have a guest blog on Breakout Rooms. But before we show you how to use this function. We want to show you why we need them. One way to prevent this dynamic is to make the meeting as interactive as possible. Change the learning style/engagement every 15 minutes. Encourage participation through the groupContinue reading “How to use Zoom Breakout rooms in your event”