Engaging online seminars

Dozens of conferences around the world have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. It’s hard to imagine the amount of stress and frustration that event organizers, vendors, and participants must have felt. While some conferences were completely cancelled, others postponed, and still others went remote.  But what about you as a speaker? As a speakerContinue reading “Engaging online seminars”

Park life – a tour of Southampton and surrounding area

This guest blog is written by my friend Vanessa Baldwin When the November lockdown hit in 2020 and everything closed again (except playgrounds!) my family decided to make it our mission to try as many new parks within our local area as possible.  George age 5 and Kate age 2 were excited at the prospectContinue reading “Park life – a tour of Southampton and surrounding area”

Decluttering in lockdown? When I’ve lost so much already?

This guest blog is from Gwen Montgomery Early in the days of Covid19 lockdown, like others, I had a lot of concerns, particularly as we are away from home on a sabbatical in Vancouver.  The worst times for me were those days when things were changing fast, every three hours it seemed, as decisions toContinue reading “Decluttering in lockdown? When I’ve lost so much already?”