She needs help failing in order to serve in your church

“The propensity to dwell on failure and mistakes, and an inability to shut out the outside world are, the biggest psychological impediments for female players” Mike Thibault, Mystics basketball coach, Confidence Code. Mike Thibault, legendary coach was in a unique position as he had trained both men and women at NBA level. Mike observed theContinue reading “She needs help failing in order to serve in your church”

Passion for Evangelism – Zoom conference

Guest blog post by Beth Devonish Imagine over 150+ women gathered together on Zoom during the 2020 Coronavirus global pandemic to share together in a day thinking about how best to do evangelism as a woman in today’s age. What a wonderful picture of unity for the sake of the gospel.  I’m not someone whoContinue reading “Passion for Evangelism – Zoom conference”