PFE Wonder conference – mentoring and training female evangelists

Over the last year God has opened a door for many women to communicate the gospel in public. Douglas Johnson in Contending for the Faith writes about the history of IFES. He says “one of the chief lessons of war-time was how little things of the Spirit depend upon material conditions. Both student and graduateContinue reading “PFE Wonder conference – mentoring and training female evangelists”

Encouraging female evangelists

In the ‘Passion for Evangelism’ (PfE) termly book club, we have been reading and discussing Aimee Byrd’s excellent book Why Can’t We Be Friends? Aimee reminds us that the way to stand against culture’s inadequate and over-sexualised word around men and women is by not allowing it to drive us apart. Rather, she says, ‘It isContinue reading “Encouraging female evangelists”