She needs you to stop fudging the issue

“Employees who experience role clarity are 53% more efficient and 27% more effective at work than employees who have role ambiguity” Recent research shows that clarity in the workplace is essential for workers. I’ve been wondering if the same is true for the church? For decades I’ve seen women sent by their church to workContinue reading “She needs you to stop fudging the issue”

Some days, I wish I were a man

Stories written in response to the #SheNeeds series This is an anonymous story written by a friend. I grew up in a Christian family and committed to follow Jesus at the early age of 8. My enthusiasm, boldness and leadership skills were commented upon by those around me. I had felt a strong calling toContinue reading “Some days, I wish I were a man”

She needs you to fix the leaky pipe

“6,300 professors are women – from 23% to 28% of these are in senior posts. This is despite women representing 46% of all academic staff” BBC article I first came across some of these stats when my husband started working on the Athena Swan committee. A committee that looks at representation of women in STEM.Continue reading “She needs you to fix the leaky pipe”

She needs brothers for her to speak in your church

“When men are in the majority women speak 75% less”. One Princeton research team set out to measure how much less women talk. Male and female volunteers were put to work solving a budget challenge. The study found that in some cases women, when in the minority, spoke 75% less than men did. But itsContinue reading “She needs brothers for her to speak in your church”

She needs help failing in order to serve in your church

“The propensity to dwell on failure and mistakes, and an inability to shut out the outside world are, the biggest psychological impediments for female players” Mike Thibault, Mystics basketball coach, Confidence Code. Mike Thibault, legendary coach was in a unique position as he had trained both men and women at NBA level. Mike observed theContinue reading “She needs help failing in order to serve in your church”

She doesn’t feel good enough to serve in your church…

“Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them” Hewlett Packard Internal report. These statistics have been discussed and debated and the reasons why this is true put in question. Is this about confidence, a mistaken perception of the hiring process,Continue reading “She doesn’t feel good enough to serve in your church…”

Passion for Evangelism

About us Passion for Evangelism is a network of female evangelists who would like to grow in communicating the good news of Jesus Christ. PfE was set up by Nay Dawson in partnership with IFES Europe. Our first conference was held April 5-7th 2019, read more here. The purpose of this network is to prayContinue reading “Passion for Evangelism”

Passion for Evangelism – Zoom conference

Guest blog post by Beth Devonish Imagine over 150+ women gathered together on Zoom during the 2020 Coronavirus global pandemic to share together in a day thinking about how best to do evangelism as a woman in today’s age. What a wonderful picture of unity for the sake of the gospel.  I’m not someone whoContinue reading “Passion for Evangelism – Zoom conference”