Nay lives in Southampton with the wonderful Jon and two beautiful girls.

She works with IFES Europe as their Regional Training Co-Ordinator, previously she worked for UCCF since graduating in a variety of roles.

She is the founder of Passion for Evangelism. PFE is a network of creative, public female evangelists.
She has also set up an initiative called Community in a crisis. CIAC has been helping churches get online during the pandemic. We’ve got training, resources and stories of building relational online church during the Coronavirus. Have a look at our facebook page and You tube channel.

CIAC Press Releases and articles

Leading yourself in a Crisis by Evi Rodemann, Evangelical Focus

Building relational church in COVID19 in Evangelical Focus

European survey on church and Coronavirus in Evangelical Focus, Protestante Digitale and Evangelico Digitale

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