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  1. May I ask is it ok to use Spotify karaoke over Zoom to conduct our church’s carolling. All songs will be more than 70 years old, so there should be no copyright issues, correct? Your kind advice will be much appreciated.

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  2. Any pointers for a 2021 Christmas trail?
    We did one in our town for Christmas and Easter. We used the faith in kids Easter amble. Do you know of a similar model that we could use this Christmas please?
    Thank you, Gill


  3. Hiya! I was totally inspired by your chat with Ed & Amy on Faith in Parents about Halloween so I’m starting to plan a little pumpkin/light trail now so I don’t fail like last year! Has your little Etsy shop closed? I was intrigued by your curious stories as it’s be fun to pop something into a goodie bag! Also, anything you’d definitely avoid having done it before?

    Thank you so much!! Sar x


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