Houses of Light – stories for a post Christian culture

The stories are written for families to read together with a focus on the 6-10 age group. Through reading the story readers are left wanting to hear more and wishing it were true. These can be bought and given out in gift bags, at Christmas markets, family events, carol services or schools. These are intendedContinue reading “Houses of Light – stories for a post Christian culture”

Sharing the Incarnation with your community

We’ve got two girls and have spent more hours in soft plays than I wish to admit. I have never warmed to these places and am grateful that adults aren’t allowed to play and join in. Apart from the inevitable, MUMMMMMM I’M STUCK. At which point I put down my coffee and book and putContinue reading “Sharing the Incarnation with your community”

Building community through vulnerability

“For many businesses, coronavirus was the toughest problem they’ve ever had to face. With customers under lockdown, shops shuttered, cashflow drying up and staff on furlough, they wondered how they were going to survive. But amid all these threats, some companies found ways to forge ahead.” Coronavirus: Five firms booming despite the lockdown, BBC. ForContinue reading “Building community through vulnerability”

She needs you to stop fudging the issue

“Employees who experience role clarity are 53% more efficient and 27% more effective at work than employees who have role ambiguity” Recent research shows that clarity in the workplace is essential for workers. I’ve been wondering if the same is true for the church? For decades I’ve seen women sent by their church to workContinue reading “She needs you to stop fudging the issue”

Engaging online seminars

Dozens of conferences around the world have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. It’s hard to imagine the amount of stress and frustration that event organizers, vendors, and participants must have felt. While some conferences were completely cancelled, others postponed, and still others went remote.  But what about you as a speaker? As a speakerContinue reading “Engaging online seminars”

Become a House of Light this Halloween

Halloween is the one time in the year that people knock on your door wanting something from you. And yet as Christians we close the curtains, switch off the lights & tell the kids we don’t believe. There are so many things that we do engage with and yet Halloween and Harry Potter seem likeContinue reading “Become a House of Light this Halloween”

She can’t find a way back into ministry

This is part of a series of life stories written in response to the #SheNeeds series. She Needs is a series of blogs that encourage conversation about what women need to flourish in the church. This post is written by a friend in response to the blog She needs you to fix the leaky pipe.Continue reading “She can’t find a way back into ministry”

Building community in the playground

Back to school Weeks and weeks of preparation and finally you’re ready. The school uniform is on, photos are taken and nerves are calmed. Before you know you’re walking a route that will become like second nature. Soon you’ll know to the minute when you have to leave and who you’ll see on this dailyContinue reading “Building community in the playground”

Some days, I wish I were a man

Stories written in response to the #SheNeeds series This is an anonymous story written by a friend. I grew up in a Christian family and committed to follow Jesus at the early age of 8. My enthusiasm, boldness and leadership skills were commented upon by those around me. I had felt a strong calling toContinue reading “Some days, I wish I were a man”

She doesn’t want to be treated like a child

Stories written in response to the #SheNeeds series This is an anonymous story written by a friend. “A while ago I read an article by Jen Wilkin about the Three Female Ghosts who haunt the church. Jen wrote about the three different ways that women are treated by people in the church; the usurper, theContinue reading “She doesn’t want to be treated like a child”