Since when was it ok to speak about women like this?

**Since writing this blog, the original blog by Mez has been removed.** I recently read a blog written by Mez McConnell from 20 Schemes entitled “Help, I want to plant a church but my wife’s not so keen”. It summarizes the key attributes for a wife of a Church Planter in the schemes of Scotland.Continue reading “Since when was it ok to speak about women like this?”

Can men read books by female authors on Christmas day?

** Since this blog was written, IVP have changed their Christmas gift list. I was really impressed by their response and engagement on this.** Please don’t laugh, I’m being serious. What I’m asking here is can men read and learn from female authors? Goodreads analysis shows an overwhelming proportion of books read by both sexes,Continue reading “Can men read books by female authors on Christmas day?”

Stories of a broken trellis – Sarah

Retelling others stories so that we can process our own. Believing that the trellis could be as beautiful as its vine. Stories of a broken trellis are a series of anonymous accounts showing the impact of the “Blokes Worth watching” culture. These are written in response to an article written by Glen Scrivener in ENContinue reading “Stories of a broken trellis – Sarah”

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Why reading together matters

Passion for Evangelism Book Club 80% of New Year resolutions will be abandoned by February Every year more than 50% of people make New Year’s resolutions and that includes to read more books. Yet almost every study tells us that around 80% of these resolutions will be abandoned by February. Reading is hard Many ofContinue reading “Why reading together matters”

In sickness and in health – who is the church for?

Its a Sunday morning and I’m sat at home on my own with COVID. Its been circling for awhile, like a bird of prey, waiting to dive and snatch its next victim. Since December 21st someone in our home has tested positive. We’ve had back to back isolations, a bit like a busy night clubContinue reading “In sickness and in health – who is the church for?”

Lucy and the bird

The stories are written for families to read together with a focus on the 6-10 age group. Through reading the story readers are left wanting to hear more and wishing it were true. These can be bought and given out in gift bags, at Christmas markets, family events, carol services or schools. These are intendedContinue reading “Lucy and the bird”