Lucy and the bird

The stories are written for families to read together with a focus on the 6-10 age group. Through reading the story readers are left wanting to hear more and wishing it were true.

These can be bought and given out in gift bags, at Christmas markets, family events, carol services or schools. These are intended to be used in outreach and bought in a large quantity. To accompany the stories there are activities for the children to do, this gives them the opportunity to think further on the story through activities.

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Lucy and the bird is a very simple story, my aim in writing is to raise curiosity about the person of Jesus. We’re planning to give them out in gift bags to friends around Christmas time. There are 8 pages in total. As well as the story there are some fun activities for children to do.

Size – 148x148mm 130gsm Silk Inside 8pp Stapled Brochures Square

Full story

It was Christmas Eve and Lucy had gone to sleep in her brand-new onesie. When all of a sudden, she was woken up, she could hear an awful squeaking noise downstairs.

Could it be the wind outside? Or a mouse in the walls? Or maybe Santa had come early? The closer she got, the clearer the sound was. A few moments later she heard a little cheep inside their chimney and knew it was a bird in distress. She needed to do something, but she was very very scared.

Lucy being the smallest member of the family climbed inside the chimney. Stretching and squeezing around the bricks she found the bird.

Placing it in her hands she carefully climbed back down and scrambled out of the chimney. She was covered in soot from head to toe, her brand new white onesie was completely ruined. But then she saw the bird and its broken wings and started to cry.

Over time Lucy and her family nursed the bird back to full health. By the time spring came they released it back to its family once again.

Imagine if there was someone who could enter the messiness of our world and heal the bits of us that are broken with his loving touch – a bit like Lucy did for the bird.

The message of Christmas is that God came to earth as a baby to be like us. This baby grew to be a man, gave up everything for us, to reach out and rescue us.

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Published by Nay Dawson

Hello and thank you for reading my blog. I'm married to Jon and live in Southampton with our two girls. I work with IFES Europe as their Regional Training Co-ordinator, training staff and students across Europe. In 2019 I set up Passion for Evangelism a network of creative, public female speakers. I'm a Trustee for the Cowrie Scholarship Foundation raising essential funds for disadvantaged Black British Students. I'm also a Trustee for Friends International helping welcome International students to the UK. In response to the war in Ukraine I helped set up Ukraine Connect matching refugees and hosts across Europe

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