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About us

Passion for Evangelism is a network of female evangelists who would like to grow in communicating the good news of Jesus Christ. PfE was set up by Nay Dawson in partnership with IFES Europe. Our first conference was held April 5-7th 2019, read more here. The purpose of this network is to pray for and encourage each other in engaging, creative, public evangelism. We want to stretch our hearts and minds, grow in our ability to communicate the gospel and see others come to know Jesus. Read more about encouraging female evangelists here.

We’d love for many women to be courageous in Evangelism, please invite your friends to join the facebook group or follow us on instagram or twitter.

Thanks Nay Dawson (Founder of PfE)

1. PfE events

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Evangelism in the new normal

Its safe to say things look different now to what they did last January. Its nearly been a year since life as we knew it completely changed and for many of us we are feeling weary and fed up with the way things are.

The aim of this event is to encourage and inspire us to find some energy for evangelism in lockdown.

It will be hosted by Kate and Dave, two tired and unimaginative evangelists, just like us. And they will be joined by a panel who will be sharing ideas of what they have been doing to tell others about Jesus at this time.

To sign up get in touch

2. PfE blog

Follow our new evangelistic blog – Stories of Hope. It features current, evangelistic articles written by women from the network. These articles would be great to share with friends on social media.

3. PfE Training and mentoring

We are running an five week mentoring scheme called The Greenhouse starting March 1st. This term we’re focussing on creating short evangelistic videos. Get in touch if you’d like to take part in the next Greenhouse (


“There is a real need for female evangelists in this country. There are always opportunities in which women could speak. Training opportunities for women are rare which is why events like this are GOLD” PFE Guest

“The New Testament clearly shows that women were significant in the advance of the gospel and the growth of the church in the 1st century. I’m therefore really encouraged to see how Passion for Evangelism is equipping women for the work of gospel proclamation in the 21st century. This is a strategic initiative that I warmly commend”. Michael Ots, University Evangelist

The New Testament clearly shows that women were significant in the advance of the gospel and the growth of the church in the 1st century. Michael Ots

“There is a tremendous need for the gospel to be publicly proclaimed on campus – not just conversationally and in small groups, but also in the public square. I am thrilled to commend the Passion for Evangelism initiative which will help women cut their teeth in this important ministry and help give them the confidence they need to share the gospel boldly and winsomely.” Peter Dray, UCCF Head of Creative Evangelism

“Passion for Evangelism is a really timely and strategic project which prepares women to publicly engage curious (and sceptical) audiences with the message of Jesus, both on campus and beyond. It’s led by top-notch practitioners and is a huge resource for the church, enabling emerging communicators to develop their gifts. I recommend it wholeheartedly!” Luke Cawley, Director of Chrysolis, and author of ‘Campus Lights: Students Living and Speaking for Jesus Around the World’.

“Today’s women are represented in all areas of public and professional life. There are many role models of articulate, passionate secular women, but many Christian women are not confident to proclaim the gospel to them. Women have more significant opportunities and independence in the twenty-first century than ever before in history, but their need to be restored to a relationship with their Creator remains as urgent as ever. We need to equip a generation of gospel centred women to reach those who know nothing of their need or of the true freedom found in Christ alone. Passion for Evangelism is a much needed new initiative to equip women to proclaim the gospel and encourage them to boldly take the good news of Jesus to a world that despite appearances of progress is in desperate need of salvation.” Karen Soole, Women’s worker at Trinity Church Lancaster

“Today’s universities are like ancient Mars Hill in Athens- a meeting place of a smorgasbord of ideas.. In this situation there is a need for Christian men and women to both boldly and clearly communicate the Gospel in public as well as demonstrating the superiority of the Biblical worldview over other world views. The Passion for evangelism training programme exists especially to encourage and equip women to engage in this great enterprise.” Lindsay Brown

‘Passion for Evangelism is the most strategic investment of female evangelists in the UK. It equips and encourages women from a variety of backgrounds to communicate the love of God to a thirsty society in need of the gospel of Christ. Passion for Evangelism is a network of women passionate about Jesus. Your investment in this project supports the public proclamation of the gospel. It’s a no-brainer!’ Kristi Mair

Published by Nay Dawson

Nay works with IFES Europe as their Regional Training Co-ordinator, training staff and students across Europe. She works on the European Regional leadership team for the charity. She was the Revive Extra Plenary Director for one of largest Student Conferences in Europe. Nay is the founder of Passion for Evangelism. PfE is a network of creative, public female speakers. Helping hundereds of women grow in confidence in public communication. Nay set up an initiative called Community in a crisis. CIAC has been helping churches and charities across Europe get online during the pandemic.

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