How are you planning to spend your day?

Yesterday I left my house by car for the first time in days. The whole experience was surreal. Within the confines of my home, although life is chaotic, its actually pretty safe and normal. Outside everything feels different. I met some amazing people doing some amazing things. But the experience made me realise the importanceContinue reading “How are you planning to spend your day?”

Hosting a catch up with your children’s friends on Zoom

How to run a class chat on Zoom Friday marks the start of the Easter Holidays and yet it feels anything but a holiday. We’re trying to think how we can mark that something is different. That school is finishing soon, but I’m not sure even where to start. Whatever your feelings are on homeContinue reading “Hosting a catch up with your children’s friends on Zoom”

Writing in to the Void: the battle for online witness – Guest blog post by Philippa Wilson

Social media and I have a complicated relationship. From the outside, people might say I love it; I’m a frequent poster- of things that make me laugh, of cookies I’ve enjoyed eating, of thoughts I’ve been encouraged by, of reviews of books or TV programmes I’ve watched, of friends I want to “big up”. IContinue reading “Writing in to the Void: the battle for online witness – Guest blog post by Philippa Wilson”

Leading worship on Zoom – tips and tricks

Until May 2020, Zoom was something I’d seen ads for on the tube, but hadn’t really registered as something that would be relevant for my life, which is very far away from a corporate business world! In the last week, though, I’ve attended two day-long conferences, planned and sound-checked a virtual concert, taught 5 musicContinue reading “Leading worship on Zoom – tips and tricks”

Building a team for online church – God is at work in new ways

After leading our first ever Zoom church service I went away feeling happy. We’d gathered 80+ from our church together. We’d cared for those who found it a struggle getting online. We’d scrambled together a team and in the midst of crisis we built community. We love our diverse International church. We have a highContinue reading “Building a team for online church – God is at work in new ways”

How to get your church together online – building community in a crisis

This weekend for the first time (all via a conference app). We hosted the Passion for Evangelism conference for 130 women and on Sunday our service at Southampton Lighthouse Church for 80. I’ve been so inspired by the potential of online church that I’ve started writing about my experience. Some have commented that being onlineContinue reading “How to get your church together online – building community in a crisis”

Social distancing and the church

Calculate the stats and Imagine the impact on your church If 70% of your church get Covid-19 and 8% or 70-79 years and 14.8% of 80 year olds die? Friends that run churches, recording services and worship times together, encouraging acts of kindness in the community. Please read this article and some of my thoughts.Continue reading “Social distancing and the church”

In a crisis people sing

During Lockdown 1.0 we saw reports of people singing from balconies and porches across Europe, songs of courage and songs of hope. Nine months many countries are in Lockdown 2.0, this post that I wrote seems relevant today. In a crisis, throughout the Bible, Gods people sing, but its seems like in this pandemic we simplyContinue reading “In a crisis people sing”